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Dramnation Bite Nights

Author: Matt Wooler - Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Introducing something new to Dramnation: Bites Nights.

What is a Bite Night?

In short a Dramnation Bite Night is a private social tasting for small groups on week nights in The Hills.

Spend an evening sampling x5 mystery whiskey / spirits. Set at one of our nominated partner bars, a Bite Night caters for small groups seating 4-8 people. These seating's occur on a weeknight (Mon-Thur) and run for 45mins. Given we tailor these events and subject to bar availability times and stock, direct bookings with Dramnation are essential (no walk-ins).

Often after one of our public or large corporate events, we are left with part bottles of spirit that won't be making its way into another event but it has enough left for a small group. True we could enjoy this water of life for ourselves but where is the fun in that! We thought "Let's keep these bottles fresh and get them into the public eye".

Only available at one of our associated partner bars in The Hills, we are sure we can figure out the right time and place for your experience. Be sure to then stay on for lite snacks or dinner at the host bar.

As these Bite Nights are a limited offering at a discounted price we must have some set rules of engagement.

Perfect for?

Those small groups of family, friends or work colleagues looking for a gathering on a week night only for pre or post dinner drinks.

What nights?

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Subject to availability of the bar.

What bars & where?

We have partnered with Crooked Tailor (Castle Hill), The Flywheel (Bella Vista), and Cheddr (Bella Vista). Bookings can ONLY be made directly with Dramnation.

How Much?

We have set a fixed cost of $240 gst inclusive between 4 minimum to 8 maximum guests seated. Numbers must be set prior to arrival.

What will you be tasting?

It is a mystery but you can be guaranteed whisky is on the list. We will curate a secret flight of x5 whiskies + spirits. Each seated guest will receive a single pour of each spirit served at 15ml measures. All standard RSA laws apply.

Note that these Bite Nights can only be booked through Dramnation. Please do not contact the bars directly.

Interested? Get in touch and we can get a booking made for you.

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