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Whisky Fair 2015 Dramnation Guest Pass Giveaway

Author: Matt Wooler - Friday, July 10, 2015

This competition has now closed.

Sydney's iconic Oak Barrel will be holding the annual Whisky Fair 2015 this coming August. This expo of whisky will feature all your much loved regulars right through to exclusive or rare offerings. Situated in Sydney, Australia, the Whisky Fair will be held over three sessions starting Friday 21st August with session 1, and then 2 sessions on Saturday 22 August. These whisky expo events have become increasingly important on the Australian whisky scene as it gives punters a chance to get in amongst the scene to try whiskies from all over the world. Some whiskies on tasting are so exclusive or limited to the event you will never have them again.

Unfortunately, as we have reported, tickets are now sold out for this event. If you did not purchase a ticket there is still chance for you to get your foot in the door. We will be giving away ONE single Whisky Fair guest pass to the Friday evening show on the 21st August as a Dramnation guest (see rules below). This guest pass is supported by the Oak Barrel.

"We will be giving away ONE single Whisky Fair pass to the Friday evening show on the 21st August as a Dramnation guest."

The rules are basic. To be eligible you must book one of our Whisky Tastings in your name, or book a private tasting, through July up until 14th August 2015. A name will be chosen randomly from the list and contacted directly by Dramnation for confirmation. Once confirmed the name will be published on the Dramnation facebook, here on the Dramnation website, and via our twitter. The receiver of this offer must be available on the evening of the 21st August and be entering the event with us at the same time 5:30pm. If the receiver of this pass is unavailable, we will be choosing another individual from the list at our discretion. The name is not transferable. This may well be THE LAST Whisky Fair pass available for 2015!

Like our previous give away to The Whisky Show 2015 as part of our launch event, we will be attending this event as the guest pass recipients whisky guide. So don’t be afraid if you are just getting into the swing of things as you will be in safe hands. The receiver of this Whisky Fair pass will meet us at the door to pass on in to the event as a Dramnation guest to validate access.

"This may well be THE LAST Whisky Fair pass available for 2015!"

Regardless if you are a seasoned appreciator or a beginning enthusiast into whisky, this event is one to ensure is always on your schedule each year. Be sure to follow event notifications via the Oak Barrel Facebook page and signup to their email newsletter for next years ticketing.

Find out what events are scheduled for Dramnation on our Upcoming Events page.

For any additional inquiries please contact us.

Note: Support image supplied by Oak Barrel Sydney.

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