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Tiki For A Chance at Rum To Whisky

Author: Matt Wooler - Saturday, July 22, 2017

So are you attending our Rum To Whisky Master Class on Saturday 29th July?

As part of the event we want YOU to go Tiki For Chance at receiving our event giveaway. At least one or more object(s) in the photo above will be included in the giveaway on the day but we are not saying which. If you have a mate you purchased a ticket for be sure to tell them!

Quite simply dress in your best tiki wear, be an attendee of our event, and on the day we will pick the best dressed as the receiver of the giveaway.

On the day we will be tasting rum cask finished whiskies from Teeling, The Balvenie and Glenfiddich, then cognac finished rums from Plantation Rum. Simply so many amazing flavours you won't know which way to turn.

Looking forward to seeing you all

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