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The Crooked Tailor - Whisky Bar In The Hills

Author: Matt Wooler - Monday, July 13, 2015

The time has come where a dedicated cocktail & whisky bar comes to the The Hills!

The Crooked Tailor is the 6th bar addition to the larger Pocket Group. The Pocket Group is a grouping of bars literally built from the ground up by co-owners Karl Schlothauer and Christophe Lehoux. Over the past few months we have been watching in anticipation for the bar to open its doors. A quick glance in would see both Karl and Chris cutting the wood and hammering the nails. Now you will catch them at the bar sipping a beer, cocktail, or whisky.

Slightly quirky in feel The Crooked Tailor seats 91 patrons. The menu is seasonal with an (American) Diner style cut to the eats. At this time The Crooked Tailor is looking to start opening for lunches so watch their facebook page for more info.

With the bar only just opening, the back shelf is still filling up but even now we see a handsome range of whiskies taking shape. Scotch is a primary component but there is just as much Bourbon and Rye whiskies to attract the hungry whisky traveler. The anticipation is to have a fine selection of rare malts to compliment the daily drams.

With our frequent trips to the bar we can say the food is pretty outstanding. A hell of a bite is given to the cheeseburger while the soft shell pull pork tacos are a big winner and both perfectly matched with a barrel proof bourbon.

We queried Ryan O’Keefe, Group Operations Manager, from The Pocket Group to give a first hand account of what the bar is all about, plus what whiskies are going to be on offer.

Q. Whisky styles?

Ryan. All bases covered here, we do have a particular focus in Scotland & will regularly be bringing rare malts, noted I have a soft spot for American whiskey so there is a fair bit on the back bar as well.

Q. Drinks styles from cocktails to beer to wine?

Ryan. Craft Beers, Concise boutique wine list, Cocktails are rotated fortnightly based on what produce is presenting best at market. We have a supplier whom we work closely with who accesses the markets everyday and grabs us the fruit/veg/herbs that are at the peak of their season which we then play around with and hero in our cocktail menu. We are blessed to have a very talented team whom are all capable of making any number of classics beyond our list & incorporate punter tastes/wants/moods to put together something delicious. Expect things like Mandarine sours, Rhubarb Boulevardiers & Cauliflower fizzes running at them moment.

Q. Motivation for opening in the hills?

Ryan. We identified a gaping hole in the market for good food & drink in a welcoming, comfortable environment. The main goal for CT was to create a space where any demographic from the local community can feel comfortable visiting and expect top shelf service & offerings.

Q. What kind of events we might see in the future?

Ryan. it is still early days in this regard - we are trying to be as responsive to the locals as possible. We do have some ambitious plans up our sleeves but they will stay there for now - all developments will be updated via our social media pages.

In these early days Ryan has been seen working The Crooked Tailor bar with the boys as well as managing operations across the entire Pocket Group. With already so much attention arriving nightly at The Crooked Tailor, it is a good idea to be getting in early for a seat at what we are are already fondly calling The Penny Top Bar. No really the bar top has hundreds upon hundres of US coins lacquered to the surface. This bar top has to be seen to be believed.

Opening Times:
TUES - SAT : 4pm - 12am
SUN: 4pm - 10pm

LOT 7/250 Old Northern Rd, Castle Hill, NSW

To follow The Crooked Tailor on social media  and get all the details on upcoming events, menu changes, and bar editions be sure to find them on:

Facebook: facebook.com/crookedtailor
Instagram: @crookedtailor_bar

It certainly is a fantastic time to be getting into whisky out in The Hills Districts with bars of this quality on our doorsteps.

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