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Suntory Chita - New To Market

Author: Matt Wooler - Sunday, March 18, 2018

Now in 2018 we finally see The Chita by Suntory released to the world market with supply hitting our shores now. The Chita is a single grain primarily made up of American corn with a small amount of malted barley as a mashing catalyst. It is the backbone of famously delicious Hibiki 17 Year Old. It is currently available from most retailers at around $85AU.

Just over 2 years ago we featured a special bottle of Suntory The Chita Single Grain that we personally hauled back from Japan just for our event: Made In Japan. We encountered The Chita the year previous in 2015 with a trip from Suntory Global Brand Ambassador Mike Miyamoto out from Tokyo. We aim to get this bottle featured again this year.

The term Single Grain relates to a grain whisky (often corn but it can be a combination of other grains) being distilled and bottled at a single distillery. This whiskies names sake "The Chita" directly relates to the distillery of its origin Chita Distillery in the Aichi prefecture of Japan.

Nose: Excessive sweet vanilla & raspberry ice-cream with high spirit excitement.

Taste: Youthful at first with fleshy custard apple textures that soon display a rum like high sweetness.

Finish: Warming, tingly & sweet with a high heat building in the cheeks & top of the throat.

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