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Aperitif Hour Soda Stream Giveaway

Author: Matt Wooler - Tuesday, May 02, 2017

With our coming Aperitif Hour whisky & cocktail experience at The Fiddler Rouse Hill and our experiment sin building aperitif cocktails, Soda Stream Australia has generously given us a Soda Stream Play to giveaway on the day of the event. This means if you are at our event on the day you may be the lucky winner of this awesome package. Knowing we only have 24 tickets to any of our events puts any ticket holder in with a very good chance of being the receiver of this gift. You have to be there on the day to be in with a chance.

What can you do with a Soda Stream Play? Not only do you have an instant carbonation machine at home but you can premix and batch cocktails ready for your own pre-dinner aperitif hour. We will be demonstrating some cocktails we have designed for use with a soda stream at this event.

For more event details and ticketing look to our events page here.

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