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Selling Now - Spirit Of Speyside

Author: Matt Wooler - Friday, February 03, 2017

We are bringing you a region dedicated event focusing on Speyside Scotland. Long considered the heart of whisky producing regions, Speyside hosts more than 60% of all major distilleries in Scotland. Are area flocked with tall green trees, heather and farmlands, it is shielded from the hard oceans winds leaving the whiskies to display light floral textures as a general observation.

In this tasting we will be not only targeting those traditional styles of the region but also the other end of spectrum with heavy sweet textures from 100% exclusive ex-oloroso cask maturation and then the new innovations by one of the greatest distilleries on the whisky landscape at this time.

Tickets are on sale now. Find out more on the Dramnation Events page.

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