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Scotch Eggs in The Hills - Dewar's Scotch Egg Club

Author: Matt Wooler - Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Over the past couple of months some would have heard rumour of a Scotch Egg club in Sydney CBD. That was the Dewar’s Scotch Egg Club. Well the Dewar’s Scotch Egg Club has come to The Hills to be hosted at one of our partner bars Crooked Tailor. We arrived for opening night and though it seemed things where still in setup mode it did not stop us indulging in the opportunity to road test the eggs and whisky.

The core activation sees a flight of x3 Dewar’s blended whiskies from the 12yo to the 18yo for $22 and for $5 more include a Scotch Egg on the side. Alternatively a menu of choice Dewar’s whiskies and sister brands, owned by parent company Bacardi, being Aberfeldy, Craigellachie, Aultmore, Royal Brackla and The Devon. All whiskies can be sampled neat or on the rocks for some pretty prices. Two specially cocktails also grace the menu with a classic Penicillin or a modern take on the whisky sour with a Gold Digger. I don't like whisky you say? No problem as the eggs are available on their own for $8 each.

Rock up any time to Crooked Tailor during opening hours through July for this sweet golden deal and no bookings are necessary.

So What's a Scotch Egg?

Effectively a Scotch Egg is a soft boiled egg wrapped in ham or minced protein, bread crumbed and then quickly deep fried. The end result a savoury egg with a golden crust, warmed inner layer of meat that when sliced sees running yoke drain from the egg itself.

The menu offers 2 choices of a Scotch Eggs being the Nduja Scotch Egg and the Glazed Ham Scotch Egg. The Nduja is a salami, pork, green and black olive, lemon mayo mince that is formed around the boiled egg before crumbing. The Glazed Ham a pineapple and seeded mustard glazed ham wrapped neatly around the soft boiled egg before getting the same bread crumb coating before frying to a golden crisp.

Dewar's Blended Whisky

Dewar’s Whisky is a blended whisky of historic significance dating back to its founding in 1846 by John Dewar. A mater of years later the two sons of John Jr. and Thomas “Tommy” Dewar took over the expansion of the brand. Tommy Dewar created significant recognition for the brand with his travel journal, Ramble Round the Globe, where he quite literally chased the summers while promoting Dewar’s blended whisky. Tommy also had a fascination for pedigree chickens. The Dewar’s Scotch Egg Club pays homage to Tommy and his love of whisky and fowl.

The Road Test

Naturally we had to road test both the eggs and the Dewar's whisky flight but which to do first? Lets do this as they arrived.

The whisky flight came first so we got stuck in while we waited for the eggs to arrive. Being the only person in the bar (literally walked in on opening because we could not wait) gave us ample time to sample the drams. For a bit of fun each whisky is served in a white egg cup. We tried the Dewar's 12yo, 15yo and 18yo. By far the 12yo is the richest of the blended flavours with a high sweetness and caramel nose. As the whiskies got older so too does the sweetness become mellow and soft. Each whisky is rich and vibrant but also smooth and easy drinking. The egg cups look great and makes for an experience yet do nothing for the nose of the spirit. If you really wanted to sip your samples from a whisky glass I am sure the bar would oblige but this is all about an experience. We suggest considering purchasing a full dram after and ask for one of the Glencairn glasses.

The eggs came out pretty quick and were each served in their own cardboard boxes with the Dewar's logo printed on the side. Not a bad way to be serving either as you can easily move around the venue on a busy night and still enjoy your egg. Though one of the eggs was terribly burnt to a char brown by the frying (we will put that down to a first order from the kitchen) both centers were runny when cut. Runny centers is a sign to look for in a fresh cooked Scotch Egg. Our favourite was the Nduja Scotch Egg as it had a much richer savory flavour to it where as the ham gave a slight sour element. We think having an order of one of these eggs with a serving of chips and gravy would make for some serious comfort food during this winter season.

Overall a great experience and certainly we are excited to finally see some of these activations, often reserved for Sydney CBD, making their way to The Hills. Get down to Crooked Tailor before it is gone.

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