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Road Test - Flight Of The Possum

Author: Matt Wooler - Thursday, May 05, 2016

We have had the recent opportunity to do some road testing on a unique product being distributed by an Australian born company called White Possum. Titled Flight of the Possum this product is a choice selection of 12 Australian craft whiskies from various Australian distilleries.

Priced at $129 you will receive 12 x 30ml samples which gives a great opportunity to sample drams from all over the country. Packaged in in a matt black cardboard box sporting a foil embossed logo you are already feeling a little bit special. As you crack the seal 12 matching matt black bottles are revealed nestled snug in a solid cardboard holder. Included in the package is a full set of distillery notes to match up to each bottle.

This Flight Of The Possum package comes with the following drams & distilleries:

  • Empire 8 - Dobson Distillery, Kentucky NSW
  • Starward Solera - New World Distillery, Essendon VIC
  • AWC Single Malt - Castle Glen Distillery, The Summit QLD
  • Raymond B - Hoochery Distillery, Kununurra WA
  • Original 12 Year Old - Hellyers Road Distillery, Burnie TAS
  • Single Malt - Black Gate Distillery, Mendooran NSW
  • Sullivan’s Cove Double Cask - Tasmanian Distillery, Cambridge TAS
  • Old Reliable - Dobson’s Distillery, Kentucky NSW
  • Rye Whisky - Belgrove Distillery, Kempton TAS
  • Crazy Uncle Moonshine Barrel Aged - Whipper Snapper Distillery, East Perth WA
  • Seated Single Malt - Hellyers Road Distillery, Burnie TAS
  • Single Malt - Timboon Distillery, Timboon VIC


Apart from getting a great selection of Australian whiskies to try, each bottle comes fitted with a fluid limiter. Easily removable if required, this fluid limiter lets you entertain the idea of blending your own whiskies. Add a few drops then add a few more if required to make up your very own bespoke blend in a glass. We found these limiters very handy and not a problem to remove if you want to pour the whole dram in one sitting. Best of all you can keep these bottles and limiters for the future and reuse them in your own blending sessions as you swap drams with mates. Alternatively head out and purchase your favourite whisky from the pack to top up your blending supply.

White Possum do not stop short of this simple pack either. Jump on over to the website and you will find a section of options for the whisky lover. Most notable is the idea of a curated spirits subscription service where you will to receive, either monthly or quarterly, hand selected Austrian craft spirits. Alternatively the online spirits shop will provided selections of full bottled spirits to alternate spirits sample packs much like Flight Of The Possum.

Overall this is a solid product with excellent attention to detail making it an ideal gift. The delivery comes through Australia Post and the box is repacked in an outer carton for maximum protection. Our experiences shows that there is no way the contents are going to be suffering from breakage or leakage and will be arriving in the condition as expected.

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