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Recapping The Bar That Jack Built 2015

Author: Matt Wooler - Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Getting the local whisky community involved in any spirit related event out in The Hills and neighboring suburbs is something we want to continue to promote. Back in August 2015 we got involved in starting off The Bar That Jack Built On Tour. This was a campaign by Brown-Forman and Jack Daniel’s to get appreciators of Tennessee whiskey involved in building a crowd sourced bar. Stopping at intervals between Sydney and Melbourne, locals could contribute to the build with labor or donations then get paid in bottles of Jack. Yes that is right, getting paid in bottles of whiskey! Once the bar reached its destination the build was celebrated with events in both Melbourne and Sydney over 3 days of public gatherings.

As part of our contribution we ran a small competition called Be Jack Daniel's VIP. The comp was for 2 individuals to win double tickets to the opening VIP event at Parramatta Park on the 25th September, 2015. We had a great many entries and the lucky two winners received their tickets in good order. Of course we had to accompany the winners to help guide them on their Jack Daniel’s journey. The things we do.

At the event revelers were treated to live music, a multitude of food trucks, fine cuisine, cocktails and of course Jack Daniel’s tastings. To heighten our guests experience Grant Shearon, Brand Ambassador for Jack Daniel’s, led our small party on a intimate masterclass about the history of Jack Daniel’s the man and the whiskey.

Of course this would not be The Bar That Jack Built without finding those shelves and tables we built. Exploring the various converted shipping containers, I managed track down those neat little items and ensure I had a meal and dram on them. I can say for certain our VIP guest were completely stoked by the opportunity to be selected to attend and went home contented.

If you want to follow where and when this event is happening in 2016 then be sure to jump over to the Jack Daniels Australia Facebook page for updates. You can also follow Dramnation on facebook and or subscribe to our email newsletter as we will be sure to be involved again in the coming year.For more images also check out our image gallery.

The Bar That Jack Built is a great idea and a perfect way to be celebrating Jack Daniel’s birthday each year, even if no one really knows when he was born. Thanks to Brown-Forman, Jack Daniel’s and Red Agency for getting us involved. A special thanks also to Grant for taking the time to give our guests that special master class.

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