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PR Event - TX Whiskey Preview

Author: Matt Wooler - Friday, May 12, 2017

There are some great things about working in the fringe spirits industry such as when you are asked to help promote and expand the category of exciting new products yet to see traction in our country. May 10th & 11th 2017 saw Dramnation deliver an exclusive first preview of TX Whiskey into Australia with two back to back events for Visit Dallas and Forth Worth tourism. We quite simply leaped at the opportunity to work with TX Whiskey when asked to be involved.

Over two days we delivered a tasting that served up drams and a bespoke cocktails from our Texan themed bar. Horse shoes, ropes, barbed wire, leather gloves, Texan hats and even a photo booth with a horse saddle were all part of our daily experience along with our regular event bar setup. Not to stop there we also were running our hot smokers for our signature whiskey injected smoked chicken to really deliver a complete sensory experience. Nothing says Texas more than BBQ.

The first of our events saw us at The Tatler as we built our display on and around a jet black piano. With the smoker then firmly established and cooking away we were pouring drams and building our bespoke cocktail we created specifically for the TX Whiskey on show simply titled TXT (TX Tea). As the smoked chicken was served we had a little fun and dished out a smokey BBQ sauce with our oversized six shooter sauce guns.

The second event at The Basement brought all the love of the previous night but included our Texan Ranch Photo Booth complete with workhorse and saddle. A selection of salty popcorn, smoked cheese and caramelised nuts complimented the whiskey in all its glory. Giddy Up!

Through both events Austin Allsup was entertaining the crowds with his country blues style one piece unplugged music. Brought our from Texas just for these events we fear the mood just would not have been the same without him. Needless to say we ensured Austin was well fed and watered with whisky and smoked chicken.

See more images from this event through our facebook album.


For further details on TX Whiskey contact us or visit the Firestone & Robertson website.


TX Whiskey

TX Whiskey comes from Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co. which is a native distillery to Forth Worth Texas. Created by founders Leonard Firestone and Troy Roberts their aim was to establish North Texas’s first craft bourbon and whiskey distillery. Yet to be released into Australia we managed to secure a supply the original TX Blended Whiskey specifically for these events while working on the promotional invites for Kent Marketing. The TX Blended Whiskey is the gateway whiskey into what Firestone & Robertson was to become so it was perfect introductory dram to be serving at a list Texas public relations event. Unfortunately we did not have the bourbon to include in the tastings.

The TX Blended Whiskey is a combination of both neutral spirit and straight bourbon that looked for a smooth high grain based whiskey profile with rounded complex textures of a Bourbon. The nose is soft and light with strong caramel and oak scents with those typical sweet vanilla grains. To taste a boost of caramel, vanilla and iced coffee with mild spice. The finish is relatively long and sweet. A very easy drinker that has a good rounded bourbon bottom for those wanting something more in a blended whisky.

As an added touch each bottles cork is completed with a hand made leather cap cut from various tanned hides rounds and even sometimes boots or leather baseballs. It adds not only a personal note but also becomes a stand out quality not often seen on the bottle finishing process.

As a blended whiskey it delivers a unique and smooth appreciation experience.

TXT (TX Tea) - The Chocolate Maple Old Fashioned Bespoke Cocktail

Where is a whisky without a cocktail backing it up. The first documented “cocktail”, that is to say the use of the word cocktail, is believed to be The Old Fashioned. It is the simplest of cocktails combining whiskey, sugar, water, bitters and citrus. We wanted to show how this whisky can perform in a cocktail but not using just the off the shelf method. We wanted something bold and gutsy but also to be genuine and respectful to the product. This is where we worked on developing our bespoke and original TXT Chocolate Maple Old Fashioned. We aimed to build on the vanilla, caramel and coffee flavours already present in the whiskey. Through a long line of trial and errors we established a very tailored blended ratio of maple syrup to water, chocolate bitters, spices and a hot baked juicy valencia orange slices. We will cover the full method and ingredients in a coming post but let us just say it was a smashing hit and something we are very proud to have created just for this whiskey.

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