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Night With The Nail - Drambuie Brand Relaunches

Author: Matt Wooler - Friday, September 09, 2016

We have all encountered it at some stage or for some it was their first sudo introduction into whisky. I know I was enjoying Drambuie before I was a dedicated whisky fiend back in the 90's.

Wednesday 7th September 2016 saw a relaunch of the brand into Australia by holding a Drambuie-themed Jazz evening at The Swinging Cat here in Sydney. With a New Orleans vibe the evening saw Herb Armstrong, grandson to the legendary Louis Armstrong, belt out a set of swinging tunes as Dramduie cocktails were explored including the classic Rusty Nail.

The Rusty Nail is a pretty simply classic cocktail which saw great attention many years back. As cocktails got more complex and tastes more expressive so The Rusty Nail went on the back burner. Never forgotten but not often seen it pops its head up from time to time.

The Swinging Cat is a basement bar in Sydney CBD offering a throwback to the New Orleans French Quarter when jazz was thriving in the underground movement while exploding into the world scene. Located at 44 King Street opposite The Grace Hotel, you will find the bar via a downstairs access. You can find live music Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturday.

The Swinging Cat will continue Night With The Nail every Thursday from September 8th to December 1st 2016 hosting a celebration of the classic Drambuie Cocktail, The Rusty Nail. Live Jazz and cocktails will be the order of the night.

For a full compliment of shots from the evening head over to the Dramnation facebook page.

The Rusty Nail

1 part Drambuie to 2 parts whisky (Monkey Shoulder)
Build over a rock of ice in a tumbler/rocks glass then stir before garnishing with a twist of lemon. 

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