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Lark Single Malt Classic Cask – Featured Whisky

Author: Matt Wooler - Monday, May 04, 2015

Feature whisky of The Hills Whisky Appreciation Course 2015

Lark Classic Cask

Distiller: Lark Distillery
Region: Tasmania, Australia
ABV: 43%
Wood: Australian Apera (Sherry) and Port

Tasting Notes


Honey gold


Very spirity at first that then moves to release a mingle of vanilla, floral honey, aniseed, malt biscuits with a medicinal vegetative belt bonding it all.


Fine but big with an oily texture and thickness to the mouth feel. Traces of plumb pudding appear and rocky minerals. A dry woodiness quickly takes over with a medicinal prickle moving throughout the gums.


Long and drying with the same oily mineral prickle continuing.


Anyone who is looking to get into Australian whisky needs to consider starting with Lark. The Lark Classic Cask is a combination of spirit matured in both Australian Apera (Sherry) and Port casks that have been re-coopered into what is now know as 100L Australian Quarter Casks. The whisky is then vatted/married to create the Classic Cask profile. The smaller casks allow for greater wood interaction over the shorter maturation periods. Leaving this whisky to sit in your glass will slowly release a lot of brown sugar and maple syrup types of flavours that can be associated with traditional Anzac Biscuits.


Lark Distillery cuts their own peat in the highlands of Tasmania from their own peat bog. Tasmanian peat used by Lark Distillery is much different to Scottish Islay Peat as it is located far into the heartland of Tasmania far from the coast.

Bill Lark is often seen as the Grandfather of the Australian whisky resurgence. Lark Distillery received their license in 1992, approximately 150 years after the last Tasmanian whisky distillery closed. Bill actively lobbies the Australian government for changes to the distillation and liquor laws.

Lark Distilleries malted barley is supplied from Tasmanian beer brewers, namely the iconic Cascade Brewery, while the grain is sourced from local Tasmanian farmers.

Bill Lark was recently inducted into the Whisky Hall of Fame on the 19th March 2015 at the World Whisky Awards in London.

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