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Jack Daniel's - A Journey Through 150 Years Of Craft & Cocktail Culture

Author: Matt Wooler - Friday, August 12, 2016

This excitable time in whisky is not just limited to the growth of product in the category. Social interaction with a brand is just as important as the products that are released. Many brands are starting to switch into the idea that consumers want to be part of something. They want to be immersed into the rich history that a product has. Jack Daniel’s is one of those brands that has been at forefront of this spear tip long before things like social media even existed. Being he 150th anniversary of Jack Daniel Distillery we could only expect the best to be delivered.

Thursday 28th July saw Jack Daniel Distillery’s up and coming Assistant Distiller Chris Fletcher out in Australia touring capital cities to celebrate the 150th anniversary. We were invited along to meet Chris here in Sydney and to be part of this celebration but had no idea what to expect. We had a hint of what was to come as the event was titled “A Journey Through 150 Years Of Craft & Cocktail Culture”, but that was it. This event was open to public and required nothing more than a free registration online.

Come Thursday night we arrived at Hotel Harry (the other half of Harpoon Harry) to await access to the event. Greeted at the stairs by Grant Shearon, Brand Ambassador for Jack Daniel's, we were escorted to a small dimly light room, a table full of glasses, and Chris awaiting to begin the presentation. During this masterclass we got to know the core Jack Daniel’s range as well as a few special treats. Chris spoke about his role and that of the Master Distiller as well as the creation, care and ageing of the Jack Daniel’s whiskey.

As the master class completed we were then escorted through a series of theatrical characters detailing Jack through the ages. From early beginnings to contemporary cult status we met (for lack of a better descriptions): The Dazed & Confused Spirit Of Jack; The Prohibition Jack; The Entertainer Jack; The Rock Star Jack. Each room another scene, another story and another character.

As the evening was completed a celebration was held on the lower floor with bottle signings, discussions, fine cocktails mixed by Grant and rich southern style comfort foods.

We had a good talk with Chris and he was kind enough to sign a bottle of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel for us to give away at a coming event. This bottle is unique in itself not just because it is a Single Barrel but because this was a special barrel Chris chose just for his Australian tour. Only around 250 or so bottles ever come from a  single barrel. On asking Chris why he chose this bottle he said "I chose this one to be something extra rich, big & bold". Nice Answer so we had him wrote it on the side of the bottle too.

For a complete visual recap of the night you can get it all on our facebook album.

A big thanks to Brown-Forman and Jack Daniel’s for creative such a interactive journey. Chris come again anytime!

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