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Glenfiddich Rich Oak - Featured Whisky

Author: Matt Wooler - Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Featured whisky of The Hills Whisky Appreciation Course 2015

Glenfiddich Rich Oak 14 Year Old

Distiller: Glenfiddich
Region: Speyside, Scotland
ABV: 40%
Wood: Ex-bourbon finished in New American Oak and New Spanish Oak

Tasting Notes


Steeped Tea


Rich and fruity at first, warm apple cinnamon pie, spicy oak, sweet vanilla.


Warm dark spicy fruits at first that are then rounded out by nutty wood textures. Rich vanillas and stewed fruits soon appear.


Long and rich with spicy vanilla oak and lingering warm sherry notes. A metallic copper tang springs in the palate as a spirit high rises in the chest.


The Glenfiddich Rich Oak does not stray too far from the likes of the Glenfiddich 12yo in obvious fruity profile. Unlike its younger sibling, the Glenfiddich Rich Oak hints at selective wood management as the key for balancing rich vanillas, fresh fruits, and nutty oaks. While only seeing 12 weeks finishing in the virgin casks, this whisky is bold and rich without confusing what makes Glenfiddich a classic Speyside single malt.


The Glenfiddich Rich oak is claimed as being the first virgin American and European oak finished whisky in the world.

New oaks can be extremely volatile in nature delivering too much wood and vanilla to a spirit in a very short period of time. Often this is why Scotch whisky producers will source used barrels such as ex-bourbon casks as the wood is now calmed or seasoned.

The Glenfiddich is claimed to have created the category of Single Malt Whisky. Prior to the 1960’s single malt whisky was rarely sort after outside of the Scottish market and when it was it did not carry the classification of a Single Malt. It was common thought that whisky needed to be blended to taste good but William Grant & Sons thought different.

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