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Closing Off Southern Whisky On The Lawn

Author: Matt Wooler - Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Our first whisky tasting on the Castle Hill Bowls Club lawn was completed recently and we can certainly say we will be doing it again.

This evening was completely not-for-profit as a Fathers Day celebration with many guests attending local, far and wide. Included was a solid group of fathers from the St Bernadette's Parents & Friends (myself included) enjoying a post Fathers Day celebration. Though the proceeding days saw spring warmth in the air, the evening ended up being rather cool and windy at first but luckily we had gas burners and a wood fired blazing brazier to warm the toes.

The theme for this tasting was southern style American whisky complimented with smoked meats, cheese, nuts and a BBQ dinner all cooked and prepared by myself. We wanted to show off the classic flavours to be discovered in American style whiskies while exploring was to use these whiskies in food.

To cover off the American whisky portion of the tasting Sydney’s brand rep for Brown-Forman, Stuart Reeves, led our group in a tasting of Jack Daniel’s Old No.7, Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select, Woodford Reserve Distillers Select, Woodford Reserve Double Oaked, and Old Forester. The Old Forester got a lot of praise with Woodford Reserve Double Oaked and the Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel coming in a close second. In the end all the whiskies were winners with many discovering a whole new world of corn based whiskies.

Interactivity was the key for the evening. Many giveaways were seen with bottles of Jack Daniels Old No.7 and Jack & Cola RTD’s (Ready To Drink pre-mixers) given out to the most interactive of guests. To begin the night we looked at the make up of what goes into and the differences between American Whisky to Scotch Whisky. Laid on the table were a series of red wrapped bottles that were handed around to be unwrapped layer by layer. The final layer would revel the contents with one bottle filled with whisky while the others displaying the ratios of grain. The lucky holder of this full bottle walked away with the contents and was the first of many winners on the night. At this point we would like to thank both Brown-Forman and our local Dan Murphy’s Castle Hill for supporting us in our giveaways. Congratulations to those guests walking away with a prize.

Hosting this event at the Castle Hills Bowling Club is never without a bit of fun either. It was Friday night and the meat raffles were in full swing being announced over the loudspeakers throughout the tasting. Many guest purchased tickets and at last count 3 guests to the tasting walked away with a meat tray as well. Bargain!

As the event rolled on and the stars twinkled, our hot smoker oven slow roasted dry rubbed chicken wings that were injected with Jack Daniel’s Old no.7 while being smoked with wood chips soaked in Woodford Reserve. By the time the tasting was concluded, the BBQ and salads were ready, the chicken wings were served hot, smoky and decidedly juicy. Not to let the chicken wings have all the glory we created a tangy home cooked Woodford Reserve BBQ Sauce to lather on. What a taste sensation it all was. We have been working on this recipe for some time and will be returning with another whisky smoked food sessions again soon.

A bit thanks to Stuart Reeves for running the tasting and being so hospitable to carry on with us after for a meal to chat around the fire. It was great night and we a deeply appreciative of all those that attended and contributed to such a successful night.

For a full image break down on the evening check out the gallery over on our facebook page.

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