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Closing Off - Southern BBQ Boilermakers Session 1, 2017

Author: Matt Wooler - Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thanks for attending

Wow what a blast we had at our first The Fiddler Rouse Hill event for 2017 with our signature Southern BBQ Boilermakers. For those that have been to one of our SBB events will know we build a pairing of craft beer with American whiskey and a section of BBQ bites. In SBB Session 1 we built worked with Australian craft brewer Mountain Goat and paired their brews against Brown-Forman’s Old Forester and Woodford Reserve.

What's a Boilermaker? Traditionally speaking a boilermaker throws back to the days of cola miners emerging form the pit  or a industrial labourer heading into their local brew house for a heavy beer and a whisky kicker dropped into the glass. Now, in Australia, it is more of a respected pairing but also a typical whisky appreciators dilemma of being double parked at a BBQ with a whisky and beer in hand. If it is going to happen then be sure the combination compliments.

To get the day started while our smoker was running out the back of The Fiddler kitchen, we designed out take on a Kentucky Mule. Like all our cocktails we want the flavours of the whisky to come through and that means tailoring certain aspects of the cocktail to work just right. Fresh brewed light spiced ginger beer, Old Forester bourbon, squeezed lime juice, rosemary, sugar syrup and crushed out were combined for a fresh yet bourbon heavy cocktail.

Seating the guests to a sell out audience we positioned ourselves at one of the main bars in The Fiddlers old ’Irish’ pub. A historic building on the convict supply route this bar pays homage to church pews, lofts, and coach houses of colonial Australia.

Stuart Reeves from Brown-Forman joined us on the day to talk through the history and details that make up both Old Forester and Woodford Reserve. 

The first pairing of the afternoon was our home style Southern Smoked BBQ Beans, Old Forester Bourbon and Mountain Goat Pale Ale. great at anytime of the day these beans were originally designed as a morning breakfast starter but with a bit of tweaking they have become one of our signature boilermaker dishes. The Pale Ale crisp herbal hops and high palate weighed exceptionally well against the mint profiles of the Old Forester Bourbon.

Second in the pairing we worked our bourbon injected smoked chicken wings in with the classic Woodford reserve Bourbon and the clean fruity Mountain Goat Summer Ale. The chicken, hot from the smoker, was initially given a bourbon rub before then injecting with Woodford Reserve Bourbon. The end result is a smokey hit chicken dripping from the moist flesh preserved by the bourbon. Woodford Reserve Bourbon works a treat with the Summer Ale as the fruity citrus balances against the caramelised oranges of the spirit.

Last on our pairings was a new item to our recipe and something we worked hard to achieve. Southern Bangers & Mash served with Woodford Reserve Rye and the exceptionally exciting Mountain Goat Fancy Pants. Pork sausages were given our bourbon rub before hot smoking for 40min then inserted into a cup filled with a sour cream mash, topped with brown onion gravy then garnished with crispy onions and a sprig of fresh rosemary. The citrus mint spice iconic of a Rye whisky was delivered a next level as the the cherry malt of the Fancy Pants balanced both the savoury textures.

To go with our event was a wealth of giveaways including a portable charcoal grill to one lucky guest.

A big thanks to our audience, our assistance one the day and our host venue The Fiddler. An applause to be given to both Mountain Goat and Woodford Reserve for coming together to create these fantastic southern BBQ pairings. We also must thank Sydney Cocktail Club for their contribution in assembling our cocktails wonderful cocktails.

To get the full visual experience of the evening we have an album over on our facebook page.

See you at our next event.

Boilermakers Tasted

Following are Dramnation's personal notes we supply at our tastings. We want to emphasis that we have listed, in many cases, ages for these whiskies even though they do not carry an age statement. This indication is an average only as a means to show how youthful whiskies display strengths and characteristics longer aged whiskies cannot. It is to be expected that these average ages will vary from batch to batch and year to year.

Boilermaker 1

Old Forester 'Classic' Bourbon

Brewer: Old Forester Distillery.
Region: Louisville Kentucky, USA.
ABV: 43%.
Wood: New White American Oak.
Nose: Floral and herbal in nature with broad mint and vanilla characteristics. 
Taste: Light and woody with an inner mint rye spice.
Finish: Oaky and long that slowly begins to dry out the mouth.
Other: The Old Forester brand can claim to be America's first bottled bourbon dating back to the 1870's.

Mountain Goat Pale Ale

Brewer: Mountain Goat.
Region: Australia.
Style: American Pale Ale.     
ABV: 5.2%.
IBU: 30.    
Nose: Malty with sharp fruity pineapple, mint and crisp pine trees.
Taste: Crisp zesty pine cones.     
Finish: Clean and crisp delivery sharp herbal notes. 
Other: Pale ale styles come from the days of long shipping voyages where beers needed hops to preserve beer. Though not really pale in colour to the eye (especially now) Ales from Europe and the UK were traditionally dark and red. The use of pale coloured malts that came form the drying process lead to the lighter colour brew.

Southern BBQ Beans

Borlotti beans are slow cooked with a tomato, onion, brown sugar, Worcestershire & BBQ sauce seasoned with out signature bourbon dry rub, dry chilli and fresh rosemary on the stalk. Slow cooked in a smoker until ready the beans take on a remarkable earthy savoury texture.

Boilermaker 2

Woodford reserve Distillers Select

Distillery: Woodford Resreve.
Region: Kentucky, USA.
ABV: 43.2%.
Age: NA.
Wood: New White American Oak.
Nose: Dark and fruity with cinnamon spices, sweet corn, toasted caramel oaks and ripe oranges.
Taste: A full bodied bourbon that fills the mouth with toasted cereals, light wooded honey, sweet corns, an even spice cinnamon, and orange citrus zest that levels out with a mild high dryness.
Finish: Very smooth on the take down as it becomes warming. An exceptional balance is displayed that is not too hot, spicy, or sweet.
Other: Using 3 pot stills imported from Scotland Woodford Reserve is the only triple distilled Kentucky Bourbon at this time.

Mountain Goat Summer Ale

Brewer: Mountain Goat.
Region: Australia.
ABV: 4.7%
IBU: 20.
Nose: Fruity fresh oranges and lemons with layers of fresh milled grain.
Taste: Exciting and easy drinking as the citrus erupts with a lemon pop effect on the tongue.
Finish: Creamy yet sharp and rich.
Other: Several Mountain Goat beers appear in cans only. Not only is a can easy to store and stack in a fridge or cooler but it chills super fast. Canning is very environmentally sound provided the cans are recycled. Canned beer also preserve longer.

Bourbon Injected Smoked Southern Chicken

Fresh chicken is firstly rubbed with our signature bourbon dry rub then direct injected with bourbon before hot smoking for 1.25hrs at 150º. Served hot the juices form the bourbon keep the chicken moist while a crispy dry skin forms.

Boilermaker 3

Woodford Reserve Rye

Distillery: Woodford Reserve
Region: Kentucky, USA
ABV: 45.2%.
Age: NA.
Wood: New White American Oak.
Nose: Rich fresh oak with spicy green mint notes.
Taste: Sweet rich and spicy. Earthy overall as the fresh mint from the nose turns to mint stalks and menthol. Elements of rounded  honey oaks.  
Finish: Fresh with an exciting spice tingle while being mouthfilling.
Other: This is the first release of a Rye whisky by Woodford Reserve. Pre prohibition era, many distilleries were making rye whiskies, while dating back to the 1800's rye whiskey was much more common than it is today as tyhe grain itself was farmed much more widely. A revival in the interests of rye whiskies has led to a revival.

Mountain Goat Fancy Pants

Brewer: Mountain Goat.
Region: Australia.
Style: Amber Ale.
ABV: 5.2%.
IBU: 30.
Nose: Rich and malty with notes of dark persevered cherries.
Taste: Smooth and lightly creamy reminiscent of an English ale the flavour continues to become richer as it warms.  
Finish: Thick and creamy at first a spicy crisp hop finish appears. 
Other: Initially part of the Mountain Goat Rare Breed seasonal release this beer received such praise it made its way into a regular canned release. It is said to have evolved from the Hightail Ale.

Southern Bangers & Mash

This is a combination of a sour cream, butter & potato mash whip, bourbon rubbed smoked pork sausage, brown onion and pepper gravy garnished with a fresh sprig of rosemary as a sensory touch.

Introduction Beverage

Kentucky Mule

Whisky: Old Forester Bourbon.


• 30ml Bourbon
• 5 Mint Leaves
• 15ml Fresh Lime Juice
• 90ml Ginger Beer
• Crushed ice
• Slice of Lime
• Sprig of Rosemary


1. Muddle mint leaves with bourbon and sugar syrup, mix in lime juice then load cup with crushed ice.
2. Top up with Ginger beer
3. Garnish with slice of lime and sprig of rosemary.

Glass: Rocks tumbler or copper mule mug.

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