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Closing Off - Indian Autumn Malts

Author: Matt Wooler - Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Thanks for attending

It is not often we work towards a single brand event with Dramnation so this year brought one of our first dedicated brand events for the year and the first to have been done in The Hills. Welcome Paul John Whisky.

Paul John Whisky is one of only three (at this time) exported whiskies form the Indian sub-continent. Created by John Distillery and designed specifically for the export market, we see a purity and quality out performing many other brands globally of much longer distillation experience. It was an absolute pleasure to do a vertical tasting of this spirit family as we have featured some of the drams individually over the years in one off spots.

We also saw our first tasting with one of The Hills new small bars The Flywheel. Situated in Bella Vista The Flywheel is run and manned by owner operators Ryan and Logan. Though only a matter of half a year old The Flywheel already has a reputation for their fine wine choices and tapped craft beers as well as a share menu that can be tailored drink for drink. We are also seeing a building of their spirits section with 3 of Paul John whiskies now currently taking pride of place on the bar.

It was literally a sell out packed to the rafters event as we told a story or two about Indian Whisky as well as tasting our way through all five of the core Paul John whiskies. Starting with the Brilliance it was not hard for the crowd to understand just where the name comes from. Following on we explored the cask strength Classic Select Cask with its big rich malt characters. To balance the pack naturally the Edited sits as a seesaw dram displaying both subtle salt and smoke with classic brilliance characteristics. Moving into the smoky range is the Bold with its medium peated heavy smoke and salt nose. To finish off we explored the cask strength Peated Select Cask that reinvigorated those malt oils but with a peat saturation.

Paul John Whisky comes form the western coast of Goa Indian. With the distillery situated 30km inland form the coats the sea breeze still delivers an influence across the distillery from the grain to the barrel. Equatorial located Goa sees very little change in seasons so the maturation process is fast and furious t the best of times. To combat this one of the distilleries main warehouses is situated underground.The barley used is grown in the steps of the Himalayas in northern India while the peat is imported for malting from both Islay and Aberdeen in Scotland. Usable peat bogs have not been found in India (yet).

As the name suggests Paul John is also the namesake of the owner of John Distilleries, Mr Paul John. Mr Paul John is a man of international tastes and wanted to be sure anything carrying his name could be featured with pride on any restaurant or bar menu across his global market of hotels. The robust malty character of Paul John Whiskies makes it a perfect accompaniment with food being it bread, grains, seafood, red or white meats and of course vegetable dishes.

It was great to see so many new faces as well as some regular drammers. Of course none of this could have happened without the support of both The Flywheel bar and Paul John Whiskies.

To get the full visual experience of the evening we have an album over on our facebook page.

See you at our next event.

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