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All I Want For Christmas - Part 3 The Glass

Author: Matt Wooler - Monday, December 14, 2015

It is just over a week until Christmas 2015 so it is time we closed off our list of ultimate whisky Christmas gifts. Recently we took a look at our choices for a single malt whisky and a blended whisky in: Part 1 The Single Malt; Part 2 The Blend. Now we need to look at a receptacle to appreciate these whiskies from.

Part 3 The Whisky Glass

There are a lot of choices out there for whisky glassware and a good deal of self inflicted confusion as to what to use. The answer to that confusion is really to use what you like. Don’t limit yourself though to sticking with just one thing. You need to try as many options as you can, then overtime you will find what is comfortable for you. Experience equals a happy medium. We covered some of this in an earlier post: What Do You Use? - A Quick View Of Whisky Glassware. It may be time to update that post as we have seen a new glass take the industry in its grip. Enter the Denver & Liely Whisky Glass.

The Denver & Liely Whisky Glass is a development by Melbourne based Aussie designers Denver Cramer and Liely Faulkner. Form and function are the cornerstones of this glass's inception. The extra wide tapered base and cupped bowl sit very comfortably in the hand lending to a relaxed grip as the index and middle finger find perch. The inner bulb of the glass is extra wide and low which delivers both a larger surface area and lower centre of gravity. With such a wide surface area more alcohol vapour is allowed to evaporated before entering a narrow tapered neck. This narrow neck works like a jet turbine ejecting the vapour at a concentrated rate which in turn delivers more nosing profile from the contents. Even with form and function taking the high ground, durability is not forgotten as the tapering and density of the hand blown glass leave little area to actually be knocked or chipped. We have seen a situation recently where a glass was dropped by accident from about a meter high onto a semi hard surface then let roll widely on the floor. On inspection the glass was a good as the moment it was unpacked. Impressive.

So does it work? Our experiences through testing in our whisky classes recently, public events, and the privacy of our home says yes it does. The nose becomes much more intense with more of the sticky sweetness, phenolic smokiness, and malt goodness all in the fore. I have heard comment by some it makes whisky taste better. Naturally the whisky tastes exactly the same whatever glass it is in. What is being experienced here is the nose picking more flavour intensity while you sip. A good portion of taste comes from the nose. So in a way it does make your whisky taste better, just not in the way you may think.

It is a beautiful piece of glassware that would take pride on many a whisky shelf. Each glass is individually packaged in a solid, snug fitting cardboard container that makes for packing, traveling or gifting ideal. Naturally we suggest buying in pairs because no glass should be alone. Recommended Retail price is $50 a glass. Several stockists can be found via the D&L website but if you are in a pinch give us call and we can fix you up, especially if it is for this Christmas and living out in The Hills.

That now closes of our All I Want For Christmas 2015 trifecta and we hope we have inspired you to make some great choices this Christmas. So what will it be? The Balvenie 21 Year Old Port Wood or the Suntory Hibiki 17 Year Old, or the Denver & Liely Whisky Glass? You make that choice and tell us at our next Dramnation tasting in 2016.

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