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Do you have an interest in the world of whisk(e)y? Held every month at various locations our single tasting events will introduce you into this expanding world of whisky. Alternatively we specialise in a corporate events, private parties or occasions, and have developed a 4 part group education course for private, business or on-premise learning.

Based in The Hills districts of Sydney, journey with us to discover what is great about whisky and why it is fondly known as The Water Of Life. Appreciate whisky while expanding your sensory experiences through nose, taste, touch & a scent of nostalgia.


Event - Sea To Still

Foraging, Distillery & Brewery Tour

We are part of Sydney's Good Food Month 2017 and have created an event for the adventurous drinker!

Return to nature in this interactive experience in this event co-hosted by us and Dramnation. First up, join us for a foraging workshop on the Northern Beaches led by expert forager Diego Bonetto who will take you through the basics of foraging to discover a natural pantry located on your doorstep. Then armed with that knowledge we will decamp to Sydney's newest distillery, Manly Spirits Co. Distillery to find out how they put foraged botanicals from the local area to good use in making some of the finest spirits around before we taste the spirit. Finally we end up in a brewery to explore the similarities in the process of beer and spirits making. This is truly a sea to still experience like no other!

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A Fistful Of Whiskey

Gritty American Spirit

From Tennessee to Texas this tasting celebrates great American spirit with A FISTFUL OF WHISKEY. Explosive, punchy & just a little bit gritty, you’ll have your belly filled with some of the best bourbon & rye tasted this year. To be held at Crooked Tailor, one of our favourite bars in The Hills, you better mount up to book in seriously fast if you want in on the action. Check your steed & irons at the door. Hats, ponchos & spurs are most welcome.

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Partnering With Dramnation

Interest from Cafes, Restaurants, Bars, Corporate and Brands

Dramnation is keen to continue partnering with the businesses and brands wanting to create engaging social experiences and events through whisky and other fine beverages. If you are a spirits brand or business in hospitality trade such as a cafe, restaurant, pub or small bars then we want to hear from you. 

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A Whisky Course For Beginners & Intermediate Appreciators

The Dramnation Whisky Appreciation Course

Whisky is an amazing thing to appreciate but getting started can be daunting. Our tailored Whisky Appreciation Course aims to introduce individuals into the dynamically expanding world of whisky by delivering an in-depth showcase of whiskies over stepped classes. Our aim is to ensure attendees complete these tailored courses with valued information that can easily be put into practice either commercially or domestically. Perfect for training staff at restaurants, cafes and bars these courses also aim to empower individuals make confident, educated decisions when selecting or purchasing whisky at retail liquor chains or individual specialist stores.

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The latest News & Views from Dramnation

Closing Off - Rum To Whisky

Author: Matt Wooler - Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Thanks for attending Wow what an amazing experience we have just concluded being Rum To Whisky. The first of our cross over events we featured Rum Cask Finished Whiskies and Cognac Finished Rums. This was also the first of our events held with Th ...discover more

Tiki For A Chance at Rum To Whisky

Author: Matt Wooler - Saturday, July 22, 2017

So are you attending our Rum To Whisky Master Class on Saturday 29th July? As part of the event we want YOU to go Tiki For Chance at receiving our event giveaway. At least one or more object(s) in the photo above will be included  ...discover more