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Do you have an interest in the world of whisk(e)y? The Dramnation Whisky Appreciation Courses and single tasting events will introduce you into this expanding world of whisky.

Discover our 4 class course where you will have the opportunity to taste a range of whiskies from both the traditional Scotch whisky foundations into the new world expressions. Regardless if you are 18 or 80 it is never too late or too soon to evolve your sensory experiences.

Based in The Hills districts of Sydney, journey with us to discover what is great about whisky and why it is fondly known as The Water Of Life. Appreciate whisky while expanding your sensory experiences through nose, taste, touch & a scent of nostalgia.


A World Whisky Tour Session 1

discover whiskies from around the world

This year we will holding our first World Whisky Tour at Castle Hills local small bar Crooked Tailor. Come make the journey into World Whiskies and discover new world whisky profiles. 

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Whisky Live Sydney Guest Pass Giveaway

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Teaming up with Whisky Live, Dramnation is giving away a Guest Pass to attend the April 8th Friday evening session. Much like what we have done with other expos we will accompany the Guest Pass winner on the evening to help guide them through their exploration of this event.

Read on for more details on eligibility and how to enter.

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A Whisky Course For Beginners & Intermediate Appreciators

The Dramnation Whisky Appreciation Course

Whisky is an amazing thing to appreciate but getting started can be daunting. Our tailored Whisky Appreciation Course aims to introduce individuals into the dynamically expanding world of whisky by delivering an in-depth showcase of whiskies over stepped classes. Our aim is to ensure attendees complete these tailored courses with valued information that can easily be put into practice either commercially or domestically. Perfect for training staff at restaurants, cafes and bars these courses also aim to empower individuals make confident, educated decisions when selecting or purchasing whisky at retail liquor chains or individual specialist stores.

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