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Whisky appreciation & Education

Do you have an interest in the world of whisk(e)y? Held every month at various locations our single tasting events will introduce you into this expanding world of whisky. Alternatively we specialise in a corporate events, private parties or occasions, and have developed a 4 part group education course for private, business or on-premise learning.

Based in The Hills districts of Sydney, journey with us to discover what is great about whisky and why it is fondly known as The Water Of Life. Appreciate whisky while expanding your sensory experiences through nose, taste, touch & a scent of nostalgia.


Event - Spirit Of Speyside Session 1, 2017

Scotch Whisky Experience

Speyside is in some ways considered the pinnacle of Scotch whiskies playing host to more than half of all malt whiskies distilleries in Scotland. In this experience we look at some of the classic Speyside profiles as well as new and innovative styles entering into the market. Enjoy a welcome whisky cocktail on arrival before taking a seat to explore a flight of Scotch whiskies and matching tasting boards. 

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Event - Southern BBQ Boilermakers Session 1, 2017

Getting Rock'n'Roll with Beer, Whisk(e)y & BBQ

This casual tasting experience takes 3 Bourbon & Rye whiskies matched with 3 craft beers matched with 3 bites of BBQ. Enjoy these pairings while we will talk in detail about how brewing & whisk(e)y are fundamental to each other, educate about how whisk(e)y is made & share tips on infusing whisk(e)y into BBQ. Big giveaways & prizes to be won on the day.

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Whisky Live 2017 VIP Guest Pass

Be our VIP Guest

Partnering with Paul John Whisky, Dramnation is giving away one Guest Pass to attend the Friday 5th May evening session. Much like what we have done with other expos we will accompany our VIP Guest Pass winner on the evening to help guide them through their exploration of this event. Included will be a one on one masterclass with a Paul John Whisky Specialist at the start of the expo so you can come face to face with all the expressions form this award winning distillery.

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Event - Rock Lobsters Session 1, 2017

Salt Crusted Drams

Blistering Barnacles! We are going nautical with this tasting as we explore the salty side of the dram. If you like your whiskies while getting a slap in the face with a wet fish while a lobster takes a snap at your toes then this is the experience for you. We can definitely say there will be smoke, layers of salt, a wrapping of kelp and a bucket of herrings but there is also going to be delicate sherry, refined oak and layers of distillation finesse that will be leaving you smacking your lips for more. Avast! 

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Event - The Aperitif Hour Session 1, 2017

Whisky Manipulations

Make like the Europeans do and find out what the aperitif is all about. Join Dramnation & Sydney Cocktail Club in exploring the virtues of whisky manipulations at The Fiddler. Firstly learn about & taste a selection of whiskies neat. Then let us demonstrate to you how these whiskies can be manipulated in a series of aperitif cocktails while trying those cocktails for yourself! Paired with matching cleansers and light food from The Fiddler, this session will make you build your own aperitif hours with whisky and champagne. 

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Partnering With Dramnation

Interest from Cafes, Restaurants, Bars, Corporate and Brands

Dramnation is keen to continue partnering with the businesses and brands wanting to create engaging social experiences and events through whisky and other fine beverages. If you are a spirits brand or business in hospitality trade such as a cafe, restaurant, pub or small bars then we want to hear from you. 

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A Whisky Course For Beginners & Intermediate Appreciators

The Dramnation Whisky Appreciation Course

Whisky is an amazing thing to appreciate but getting started can be daunting. Our tailored Whisky Appreciation Course aims to introduce individuals into the dynamically expanding world of whisky by delivering an in-depth showcase of whiskies over stepped classes. Our aim is to ensure attendees complete these tailored courses with valued information that can easily be put into practice either commercially or domestically. Perfect for training staff at restaurants, cafes and bars these courses also aim to empower individuals make confident, educated decisions when selecting or purchasing whisky at retail liquor chains or individual specialist stores.

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