Whisky Appreciation & Education

Do you have an interest in the world of whisky? The Dramnation Whisky Appreciation Courses will introduce you into this expanding world of whisky. Through our 4 part course, you will have the opportunity to taste a range of whiskies from both the traditional Scotch whisky foundations into the new world expressions. Regardless if you are 22 or 72 it is never too late or too soon to evolve your sensory experiences. Discover what is great about whisky by letting us help you start this journey. Appreciate whisky while expanding your sensory experiences through nose, taste, touch, and a scent of nostalgia.

Whisky Appreciation Courses are starting soon in The Hills Districts.

Dramnation is now taking expressions of interest. Stay informed and signup for official notifications below.

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Register your interest. Classes starting soon.

Dramnation is now taking expressions of interest for class attendences. Stay informed by signing up below. We will be delivering notifications on upcoming events including the Beginners Whisky Appreciation Course classes.

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